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Who We Are

Pourquoi Paw is Nathalie and Eric, and we love dogs. You may have seen us - The Pack - walking our housemate Bert around old Aylmer. We get a great deal of pleasure leading him on various routes and exposing him to the happenings in his hood. We have had dogs all our lives, from puppies to geriatrics, pedigrees and rescues, in great health and recovering from injury. What they all share is a love of being outdoors, exercise, and exploring. Walking dogs stimulates and tires them. Exercise help make doggie happier and more responsive. 

We are lucky in that one or both of us have almost always been at home to look after Bert’s needs. That's not so for everybody though and there have been times when we required the help of others to look after him the way we like. Today, most people are balancing some combination of family, work, activities, entertainment, and vacations. There may be times when you need to leave your dog by itself for more time than you’d like. This could range from while you are at work to shorter periods when you have appointments or other errands.

When you'd be more comfortable if you knew your dog had someone fun, friendly, and responsible to spend some time with, we’d like to offer our assistance. 

Pourquoi Paw?


Our responsibility is to insure your animal’s well being according to its individual needs and your directions.  While in our care, doggie only receives positive reinforcement, lots and lots of praising and affection, as well as treats, if permitted.

We always carry biologically degradable poop bags. To minimize the risks of incidents with other dogs we don't frequent dog parks. Our dogs are always kept on leash and group walks never involve more than 6 dogs at a time.  We offer written reports, as frequently as you like, informing you of the latest in the life of your furry friend. Did he do his business? Was he well behaved? Did she have fun? We will let you know if we notice any changes in his or her health.

We understand that caring for your dog is a privilege that comes with great responsibility. We thoroughly enjoy offering an experience that enhances your dog’s well-being. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your pooch is well cared for by people who know and love her.

People entrust us with their pet and the key to their home. That is huge! We have a special insurance policy for dog walkers that covers, for example the cost of lost keys. We both have clean Criminal Record Checks. We have our Pet First Aid Certifications and Nathalie is a certified Veterinary Assistant. We are proud partners with Club Canin of Aylmer and we are pleased to offer our services in French or English according to your dog’s and your preference.

The Pack

Eric St. John

Aficionado # 1

Nathalie Lapointe

Aficionado # 2


Pack Leader

Proud Partners With Aylmer Canine Club
The Pack
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