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Solo Walks

30 or 45 minutes

These are « custom » neighbourhood walks. We adapt our rhythm and speed according to the physical condition and energetic needs of each dog.

We run (yup!), speed walk or stroll along. We maintain a routine of good behavior by reinforcing your training as discussed during our initial meeting.

This is the ideal walk option for the dog that doesn’t play well with others, for the very young, or those getting older, as well as those who are not current with their vaccinations.

 Group Walks

45 to 60 minutes

These walks are perfect for more sociable dogs and those that walk well on leash. We explore different neighbourhoods and green spaces and because safety is priority for us at Pourquoi Paw, our dogs are kept on leash during our outings. Our escapades are composed of a maximum of 6 dogs. 

(3 per walker).

Before joining any groups, each dog will benefit from a few private walks. These establish a good relationship between the dog and walker and ensure the best scenario for pooch. To participate, all dogs must be sterilized and current with their vaccinations.


If your dog has a best friend who would like to join us, please, let us know!


After each walk, we refresh water bowls; provide food and medicine when required. Out of courtesy, wet dogs are dried off and muddy paws are wiped clean.

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